Terms of use for TastyCibus service

It is possible to upload all kinds of images on TastyCibus, also if covered by Copyright. Images of violence or intolerance (either racial, of species, religion or other) cannot be loaded; if an image is found not respecting the above rules, it will be deleted without warning and the account from which it was loaded will be deleted; as a result all images from the same account will be deleted and the IP address shall be blocked.

In order to be able to upload images on TastyCibus, a person must be registered as a user. All uploaded images must have a title that briefly describes them; all images that will have a title like "13394", "7ti8204" or "tibxyg7340" will be automatically deleted and the user will be notified.

The visitor (unregistered user) cannot upload images and shall only
- view images
- comment (access through Disqus)
- share images
- download images
In order to leave comments on TastyCibus, access can be made with one’s personal social account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) through Disqus platform.

What cannot be loaded

- images of slaughtered animals, whole bodies hanging
- images of trademarks of commercial products
- pornographic images
- any image that instigates violence

What is allowed

Hotlinking with all images is permitted. This is a free service and it is therefore essential that the servers are treated with respect.


The backup of TastyCibus is performed twice a day; the Antivirus/Antispam are constantly updated. It is necessary that each user performs a backup of his own uploaded images by saving them on an external device; this because, in the event of a cyber attack or a hardware breakdown, TastyCibus may not be able to make a backup in a short time and thus avoid the loss of contents.